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Thousands of Mink Die in Utah and Wisconsin Fur Farms

Please note 10,000 Mink are Dead From Covid-19 Outbreaks.

Thousands of mink have died at fur farms in Utah and Wisconsin after a series of coronavirus outbreaks.

In Utah, ranchers have lost at least 8,000 mink to Covid-19 among the animals known for their silky, luxurious pelts.

The virus first appeared in the creatures in August, shortly after farmworkers fell ill in July, according to Dr. Dean Taylor, State Veterinarian of Utah. Initial research shows the virus was transmitted from humans to animals, and so far has not seen any cases of the opposite.

"Everything we've looked at here in Utah suggests its gone from the humans to the animals," Taylor told CNN. "It feels like a unidirectional path," he said, adding that testing is still underway.

Unidirectional Path?

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If Covid spread from bats to humans and humans to mink, cats, and dogs, why should anyone believe human-mink transmission is unidirectional?