Global tightening is on the way. What can possibly go wrong?

I took an excellent chart from a Liz Ann Sonders Tweet and added recession dates.

Note that in 2001 it did not take much tightening before a recession started. Then like now, the Fed was positive everything was under control.

Global Growth? Retail Sales Flopped in US, UK, Canada, Germany, and Australia.


Bear in mind, tightening will not cause a recession. Central bank policies for the last eight years will cause the next recession. It should be a doozie for corporate profits and pension plans.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

Global Quantitative "Tightening" in Pictures

Central banks are allegedly in a state of "Quantitative Tightening". Let's investigate.

Next Up: Global Synchronized Easing

Global economic tightening is a pipe dream. It hasn't happened yet, and likely won't.

Global Recession Now Baked in the Cake

The JP Morgan, Markit Global Manufacturing PMI signals a global recession.

BoJ Says Ample Room for Easing After Spending Crash

The Bank of Japan is looking at further easing as retail sales plunge.

Nonsensical Global Worries Over Subdued Inflation: Yellen, Draghi, Kuroda

Central bank presidents at the Fed, the ECB, and Bank of Japan are all concerned over low inflation. The Fed wants to hike anyway, but the Bank of Japan will keep pursuing aggressive monetary easing. Meanwhile, asset prices are in the biggest ever bubble.

Fed Tightening Cycles Coincide With Bursting of Asset Bubbles: How to Play It

Fed tightening has been a reliable catalyst for the bursting of asset bubbles globally, says Crescat Capital.

Freight Shipments Sinking Globally, US Joins the Parade: Global Recession Starts

The economic outlook based on freight shipments is growing dim.Global expansion has peaked.

Global Manufacturing Recession Started: Trump's China Tariffs Made Matters Worse

A global manufacturing recession is now a certainty. Trump just made matters worse with a new 10% tariff hike on China.

Another Recession Warning: ISM Contracts 4th Month

ISM fired another recession warning today as the manufacturing contraction extends another month.