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  • At least nine dead, 50 injured at Berlin market
  • Suspect arrested at Victory Column, co-driver dead
  • Police indicate incident is likely to be terror related
  • Attack occurred at Breitscheidplatz, outside the landmark Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church

Police cars and ambulances converged quickly on the scene as a huge security operation unfolded. The fate of the driver of the truck was not immediately clear, but Bild newspaper said he was on the run.
Facebook safety check activated
Facebook has activated its ‘Safety Check’ feature which allows people who are in the affected area to check-in as “safe”. The social media site has already declared the event as a “terrorist attack”, before the police.

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Dozens Killed in French Terrorist Incident as Truck Plows Into Crowd, Driver then Fires Weapons

In yet another senseless terrorist incident in France, a truck driver purposely plowed into a crowd then exited the truck and started firing shots.

Diesel is Dead

Stuttgart, home to Germany’s Mercedes-Benz and Porsche, said it will ban diesel cars which do not meet the latest emissions standards from entering the city when pollution is heavy.

Wrong Man Arrested: Merkel Rift Widens Following Truck Massacre

The heat is on German Chancellor Angela Merkel, from within and outside her own party following a Terrorist Act in a Berlin Christmas Market that left a now revised 12 dead and 48 injured.

Trucking Bloodbath: 2,500 Truck Drivers Lose Jobs

At least 2,500 truck drivers have lost their jobs in 2019 as the transportation 'bloodbath' unfolds

Japan Expects Driverless Taxis by 2020; UK Testing Fleets of Driverless Trucks.

Driverless taxis, driverless trucks, and totally unstaffed grocery stores are in the news. In the “already here” category, Sweden boasts the first unstaffed grocery store. In the UK, fleet testing of driverless trucks begins in 2017. In Japan, 2020 is the deadline date for driverless taxis.

Another Terrorist Attack in UK: Zero Tolerance says Theresa May, Trump Tweets In

A London Bridge terror attack Saturday evening left 7 dead and close to 50 wounded as three armed men drove a van on sidewalks then stabbed a number of people with knives. Police shot the attackers dead but as many as 12 other suspects are still at large.

$50 Trillion Sideline Cash Conundrum?

Blackrock estimates there is a whopping $50 trillion in cash “sitting on the sidelines”.

“Otto” Self-Driving Truck Test on Ohio Roads this Week

Self-driving truck maker Otto will conduct tests in Ohio this week, on Ohio route 33 and the Ohio turnpike.

Platoon of Driverless Trucks Test Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control (CACC)

A platoon of driverless trucks equipped with Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control (CACC) appeared on the 110 freeway in San Pedro.