Advance Trade Deficit in Goods

The Commerce Department Advance Report shows the trade deficit widened by 5.5% in November.

  • The international trade deficit was $84.8 billion in November, up $4.4 billion from $80.4 billion in October. 
  • Exports of goods for November were $127.2 billion, $1.1 billion more than October exports. 
  • Imports of goods for November were $212.0 billion, $5.5 billion more than October imports.  

Series Record High

Goods Balance of Trade and Advance Goods Balance 2020-11

Trade deficits normally shrink in recessions but not this time. $84.8 billion, if it holds, would be a new record.

The Advance Report only covers goods. The US runs a surplus in services so the combined net will be lower. 

For discussion and the latest charts on the combined deficits, please see Not Even Recession Helped the US Trade Deficit.


It's Easy!

An Amazing Deal

Using Tariffs to Pay Down Debt

So much silliness, but millions believed and still do.

Balance of Trade vs Gold Window

Balance of Trade vs Gold Window 2020-10-27

That's the real issue and tariffs can't possibly fix the problem. For discussion, please see Trump Does Not Understand Trade, Jo Jorgensen Does.


Trade Deficit in Goods and Services Declines 15.2% as Imports Dive

The trade deficit declined sharply in March. The results were widely anticipated becaue of the Advance Numbers on Goods.

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The balance of trade numbers set many new records in November.

Trade Deficit Widens Despite Tariffs: Record Deficits With China, Mexico

Today's trade report will set off hows from trump. Imports up, exports down. Record deficits with China and Mexico.

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The advance trade report broke a string of increasing goods deficits in March, shrinking 10.3%.

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