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Greens the Big Beneficiary in SPD Collapse

Support for Merkel's coalition partner SPD is in a state of collapse. Four consecutive polls have SPD at 14%. The Green party is at 21% in the latest poll and averages 20% in the last three polls.

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Clear National Trends

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Hesse State Election October 28

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In the last two Hesse State Polls, the Green party is averaging 21%, SPD 20.5%, and CDU 26%.

There are currently 110 seats in the Hesse Parliament.

That number can change and indeed is likely to go higher as Linke, FDP, and AfD will all gain seats based on a 5% threshold.

Current Parliament

  • CDU: 47 Seats
  • SPD: 37 Seats
  • Greens: 13 Seats

The Next Hessian Parliament will look a lot different.

Impossible Tightrope

This splintering will do Merkel no good. The greens are pro-immigration but CSU, AfD, andf FDP are not,

This is an impossible tightrope for Merkel.

Mike :Mish" Shedlock