ADP December 2020 Forecast

 Private sector employment decreased by 123,000 jobs from November to December according to the December ADP National Employment Report. The report, which is derived from ADP’s actual payroll data, measures the change in total nonfarm private employment each month on a seasonally-adjusted basis.  

ADP December 2020 Forecast

Change by Company Size


ADP Change by Company Size for December 2020

Medium-sized businesses, defined as companies with 500-999 employees have been the hardest hit in the pandemic.


December Jobs Up 148K Following ADP 250K "Overheating" Estimate

Yesterday, Mark Zanzi feared the jobs market would overheat. ADP estimated 250,000 jobs in Dec. The BLS reports 148K.

Jobs +75,000 vs Employment +113,000: Revisions -75,000

Jobs missed expectations by a mile but were well above the ADP forecast of +27,000. Revisions took the gain away.

ADP Shocker Estimate: Economy to Add Only 27,000 Jobs in May

ADP estimates the economy added only 27,000 jobs in May. The consensus estimate by the BLS, for Friday, is 180,000.

Jobs Report Badly Misses Estimates: 130,000 Jobs with Only 96,000 Private Jobs

The jobs report dramatically missed expectations today, especially with private jobs.

BLS Business Dynamics Report: Private Sector Job Losses Exceed Gains in 2017 Q3

BLS Business Dynamics Report shows a net loss of private jobs for the third quarter. This has not happened since 2010

Wild Miss in Expected Jobs: Economists Blame the Weather

Today’s employment report shows a wild miss in the expected number of jobs. The Econoday consensus estimate was 175,000 and ADP expected 263,000.