These graphs come from the Opinion Polling for the Next German Federal Election.

Poll Results

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CDU and CSU Split


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CDU only has a 6.5 point lead over second place AfD.

Even the "Grand Coalition" totals only 47%.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

Crunch Time Germany: AfD Rises Above SPD in Polls, Grand Coalition Not

Support for AfD passed SPD in the latest German poll. Support for the "Grand Coalition" is under 50%.

Rise of the Greens: Merkel's Coalition Partner, SPD, Vanishes Into Irrelevance

The latest INSA poll shows support for SPD and CDU has collapsed. AfD tops SPD and the Greens now top CDU. SPD is toast.

Support for SPD Dives: Coalition Doubts Mount

Support for SPD, in coalition talks with CDU/CSU to form a German government, is now at a record low. Doubts mount.

Far-Right AfD Surges in Two East German State Elections Thanks to Young Voters

CDU held on to Saxony and SPD held Brandenburg but a huge surge for AfD gave them second place in both elections.

Exit Polls Show CSU Suffers Worst Bavaria Result Since 1950, Greens and AfD Gain

CSU came in first place in Bavaria but it was a humiliating, worst-showing win since 1950. Greens came in 2nd. AfD 3rd.

Tories Take Crushing Lead in Latest Polls

The latest polls show increasing leads for the Tories. The trends by pollster are increasingly favorable as well.

AfD Might Win Two German State Elections, Saxony and Brandenburg, on September 1

State elections in the German states of Brandenburg and Saxony are on September 1. AfD could win both of them.

Adding to Merkel's Woes: SPD's Collapse in Germany, Greens the New Left Darlings

Support for Merkel's coalition partner SPD is in a state of collapse. And it's not just a single poll.

Increasing Chance CSU Aligns With AfD in Bavaria, Completely Splitting Germany

The rhetoric and actions in Bavaria are interesting. CSU and AfD share much common ground.