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100,000 $15.00 Per Hour Jobs

Amazon announced Plans to Hire 100,000 Workers in the US and Canada.


  • The new positions are for full and part-time work across the U.S. and Canada.
  • 100 new package sorting centers and other facilities will open in September.
  • Starting wage of at least $15 per hour.
  • Sign-on bonuses up to $1,000 to new hires in select cities.
  • Amazon’s latest recruitment drive is in addition to an announcement just days ago when it announced the creation of 33,000 corporate and technology jobs.

“We are opening 100 buildings this month alone across new fulfillment and sortation centers, delivery stations, and other sites,” said Dave Clark, senior vice president of worldwide operations at Amazon.

Amazon Chicago

Amazon Dallas and Austin

Rousing US Success Story

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I cheer the success of Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Twitter, and Walmart.

These companies could not exist in France or the EU in general.

France is still worried about the demise of mom and pop bookstores serving practically no one.

And in the EU it is impossible to shed employees once they are hired so corporations do not hire or expand easily.

Socialists Moan

Socialists moan about Amazon. They want to break it up. They also moan about founder Jeff Bezos' net worth of about $200 billion.

But socialists don't create jobs. Bezos created over 1,000,000 jobs with another 100,000 on the way.

The Amazon success story is US capitalism at its finest.