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Amazon is Hiring 17,000 With $1,000 Signing Bonus at $17 an Hour

Amazon is ramping up its hiring plans. Will that stop its critics?
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Amazon says it is hiring

Warehouse Hiring 

Hey Amazon detractors, Amazon Hiring 75,000 Workers, Offering Some $1,000 Signing Bonuses Inc. AMZN is hiring 75,000 workers and offering $1,000 signing bonuses in some locations, the latest hiring spree in what has been a year of tremendous growth.

The retail and tech giant said the new roles—representing nearly 8% of its U.S. workforce—are offering average pay of $17 an hour, an increase over the company’s typical starting wage of $15 an hour. 

The company in April said it was raising wages for more than 500,000 hourly employees by between 50 cents and $3 an hour, an investment of more than $1 billion. Chief Financial Officer Brian Olsavsky has said that competition for employees will rise.

Amazon Employs Nearly a Million People

Amazon employs about 950,000 people in the US alone. That's double what it was three years ago.

It is paying $15 an hour minimum in the US.

Amazon a Godsend

Amazon is a godsend. It lowers prices, makes things more affordable for everyone, and employs a million or so people.

Instead of rushing out to the store to buy something, if you can wait a day it will be delivered right to your door.

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What About Critics?

Q: Will that silence its critics?
A: Of course not

Amazon critics will not be happy until the company is split up and founder Jeff Bezos is forced to give away his wealth.

Unionization Effort Failed

In April, I noted that By an Overwhelming Margin Alabama Amazon Workers Reject the Union.

The minimum wage in Alabama is $7.25 an hour. The union would collect dues while doing nothing for the employees.

Why I Hate Unions

For a discussion of issues on public and private unions please see my take Why I Hate Unions

Amazon Prevails in Another Tax Big Tech Case With The EU

Yesterday, I noted Amazon Prevails in Another Tax Big Tech Case With The EU

Critics and fools led by EU nannycrats want to break up Amazon and tax it to death.