Amazon understandably does not want to pay Federal Express or UPS so it opted to build its own air fleet.

For the first time, Amazon Prime Air Cargo Planes Are Ready For Takeoff.

FedEx Corporation and United Parcel Service, Inc. are not alone anymore,’s Prime Air cargo jets are ready for takeoff.

On Friday, Amazon unveiled the first Boeing 767 of its new fleet of branded cargo planes at Seattle’s Seafair Air Show. Its first-ever branded cargo plane, the Amazon One, is a Boeing 767-300 operated by cargo service provider Atlas Air.

This is one of 40 planes Amazon has agreed to lease from Atlas Air and another partner, ATSG.

Prime Customer Growth

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Amazon One


Amazon Prime Question

We are Amazon Prime members. It certainly has changed the way and frequency we shop.

Delivery charges on small orders without Prime can cost as much as the item. It would never occur to us to order a standalone item like toothpaste prior to Prime. Now, why not?

Second, there is no need to be at all careful. Instead of ordering bunches of things at the same time to cut down delivery charges, we order something when we think about it. A day or even hours later we may order something else.

I suspect Amazon is losing money on us, but perhaps they make it up on some more expensive photo equipment and lights I have ordered. It pays to be careful with such items. Sometimes there are far cheaper places than Amazon. On any big ticket item, please shop around.

Generally, I order photo equipment from B&H unless they do not have in stock or do not carry a specialized item I want. As a matter of disclosure, I have an affiliate relationship with both B&H and Amazon.

As a side note, if you have not yet checked out my photography website, MishMoments, please do so.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock

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