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Will You Go to a Bar? Concert? Restaurant?

Statista has an Interesting Poll on Covid-19 reopening activities.

My Answers

  • I seldom go to movies and would definitely avoid them.
  • I miss pubs very much, especially weekend karaoke. But microphone sharing is one of the riskiest things. I will suffer longer.
  • I don't like sporting events or indoor concerts or gyms at all and would not go anyway.
  • I miss eating out, especially on weekends. After dining out, we do karaoke. This is a perhaps, except for the karaoke part. It would depend on the place, the crowds, and distancing.
  • I don't frequent malls, but if I was so inclined, I would go unless they were packed. If there were too many people, I would leave.
  • I would go to museums if they were not crowded, but this is not an activity I normally do.
  • I cut my own hair, miserably, and it is short enough to postpone the decision. When I get tired of my bad cuts I will reconsider. But perhaps I get better and save the time and money.
  • Supermarkets are already in. I am pretty careful when I am in one. Thay have not been crowded.

I doubt if I am close to the typical person, but my answers seem to be in the ballpark. 

Yet, most things are clustered around the 45-55% level. This is higher than I expected, especially for pubs and bars.

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Two Caveats 

  1. What people say they will do and what they actually do may be totally different things.
  2. What happens 6-8 weeks from now will very much depend on the results over the next 3-4 weeks.

Heaven help us if there is a second major wave and other panic.

Meanwhile the shutdown costs keep piling up. I expect millions of small businesses may fail. 

For discussion of one owner's reaction, please see Closing Permanently "Thank You From the Bottom of Our Hearts"

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