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Please consider Measure to abolish North Dakota property taxes on ballot

Secretary of State Al Jaeger said Friday the initiative had enough petition signatures to qualify for the June 2012 primary election. It will be listed as Measure 2.
The amendment says North Dakota and its local governments may not impose property taxes after Jan. 1. It says the Legislature will have to figure out a way to provide replacement revenue to cities, counties and other local governments.

Property Taxes, an ATM for the Government


The above image courtesy of Empower The Taxpayer which asks “Why Should Your Home Be Governments’ Private ATM?

Please click on the above link for more information including an FAQ, explaining what the measure is all about and how you can help.

The real battle begins now. No doubt recipients of the tax and supporters of “big government” will battle Measure 2 furiously.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock

Cities in Serious Trouble as People Can't Pay Property Taxes

Cities are struggling with falling revenues and property tax collections.

Illinois Eyes 30 Cent Gas Tax Hike, Chicago Eyes Property Tax Hike

The Illinois legislature is in recess right now. Other than disbanding the body, that's the best place for them. When they return, they are going after your pocketbook in the form a gas tax hike. Not to be outdone, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is pondering property tax hikes.

Illinois Progressive Moves to California, Seeks to End Prop 13 Property Tax Cap

California wants higher property taxes. Illinois wants income taxes. Both may get their wishes.

Chicago’s Sheep Dogs Approve Mayor’s Tax on Sheep; Quote of the Day “It’s Not a Piece of Art”

“It’s Not a Piece of Art” Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Chicago’s master shepherd, along with his pack of aldermatic sheep dogs, successfully rounded up, then slaughtered the very Chicago taxpayers they were supposed to watch over.

As US Seeks to Lower Taxes, France Seeks to Hike Top Corporate Tax Rate to Whopping 45%

At a time when the US hopes to slash corporate taxes, France is raising them. The measure was deemed necessary when a dividend tax introduced by Francois Hollande was ruled unconstitutional. To support a hike in the corporate tax, the government appeals to "civic sense" of duty.

Measuring Redenomination Risk In Italy

Italy has two sets of credit default swaps (CDS) in play. One set uses 2003 rules of credit events. The other uses rules from 2014 and later.

B.C. Imposed 15% Foreign Tax in July, Vancouver September Home Sales Plunged 33%

Vancouver hopes to burst its massive property bubble that was fueled by foreign buying, mostly from China.

Productivity Measurement is Totally “FUBAR” Yet Certainly Overstated

The BLS report on preliminary Productivity and Costs, Second Quarter 2017 shows nonfarm business productivity increased 0.9 percent during the second quarter of 2017.

Italy Government Approved: Crisis Over? Hardly! Get Popcorn, Gold

The FT says the political crisis is all but over. I suggest otherwise.