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"Burswood-based builder Builton Group, which trades under the brands Platinum Homes and Aspireon Homes, seems poised to join the growing list of residential builders in Western Australia gone bust.

WAtoday understands around 80 homebuyers could be impacted, with approximately 50 homes under construction and around 20 to 30 at the pre-start stage.

Calls to its offices on Friday went unanswered – and WAtoday understands the company’s staff, up to 90 people, had been told not to come to work on Monday.


The expected closure comes two months after Collier Homes went into liquidation in November and high-end builder Quattro Homes being placed into administration in September.

Pitaro Homes and Nominated Homes went into liquidation in August following the collapse of Geraldton-based builder Shane Crothers Homes in June."

Out of Business

  • Builton Group
  • Collier Homes
  • Quattro Homes
  • Pitaro Homes
  • Nominated Homes
  • Shane Crothers Homes

Mike “Mish” Shedlock

Home Builder Reviews

It is hard to get a descriptive title into a short line. I am not giving home builder reviews, but rather asking for them. More specifically, Mike Morgan at MorganFlorida is asking for them. The following is from Morgan.

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