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Another Perfect Technical Bounce, This Time With Amusing Panic Buying

After an excursion into negative territory, the S&P 500 did a perfect bounce off both daily and weekly support levels.
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S&P 500 daily chart courtesy of StockChart.Com annotations by Mish

S&P 500 daily chart courtesy of StockChart.Com annotations by Mish

Right on cue, the S&P rallied sharply off technical support. 

Panic Buying


  • Fil Zucchi: +1334 tick. Coming after a -5 print on the 3-mth $VIX curve, bears may want to pay attention. 
  • Mish: Panic buys just to get back to 4150 off a perfect technical bounce.

Panic Buys

A Tick chart is a measure of stocks trading on up or down ticks. +1300 is a panic buy level. The reverse, a hugely negative Tick is dumping on falling prices. 

Extreme Ticks often measure turning points. But for how long? 

I wanted to show the chart but got this message from StockCharts: "We had to remove the $TICK market indicator from our site. Our data vendor no longer provides this data to us and we have not been able to find a reliable alternative source."

VIX Panic

There is no reason, fundamentally or technically, to believe another 2008 repeat performance is unlikely.

Death By 1,000 Cuts

"Bulls should hope for a mini-crash to end death by 1,000 cuts" 

I would agree with that and I would also suggest we did not come close. 

And with panic buys (short covering) a setup is in place for a waterfall cascade.

S&P 500 Weekly Chart 

S&P 500 weekly chart courtesy of StockChart.Com annotations by Mish

S&P 500 weekly chart courtesy of StockChart.Com annotations by Mish

I keep showing these support levels because they are important, especially in a bear market. 

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Both the daily and weekly technical support levels were the same. Traders knows these levels and so do the algos. 

There was no fundamental reason for a bounce here. But there was panic buying off daily and monthly levels that were identical. 

The next key level is 3723. I expect a bounce there +- 50 points or so. When that breaks, and I am confident that it will, the next support level is 3233. 

The levels should be easy to spot. It's simply the level where stocks bounced before.

No Ambiguity 

Internal damage is severe. 

Where to in the Next Week?

I have no idea where today's bounce heads. Nor does anyone else. It could easily fail tomorrow or Wednesday when the Fed hikes rates.  

Longer term, however, support levels that are repeatedly tested in bear markets eventually fail, often suddenly and spectacularly. 

Where to Longer Term?

Again no one can say. But fundamentally, I highly doubt stocks do not at least sink at least to the 3200-level and far more likely the 2400-level. 

The latter would be about a 50% decline from the top. Yet, it would not be close to a level that realistically could be labeled cheap.  

For discussion, please see Warren Buffett Blasts Stock Market Gambling Casino, Loads Up on Energy Shares.

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