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Jeff Lynn, chief executive officer and co-founder of Seedrs Limited is on a Crowdfunding Mission to Save Capitalism from Itself.

Lynn founded Seedrs, a crowdfunding online platform through which individual investors can buy shares in high-growth companies at an early stage.

Crowdfunding, where companies raise money directly from individual investors, usually online, rather than via institutions, has taken off. Most sites lend money, undercutting the banks and offering a better return on cash.

Save Capitalism From Itself

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The notion that something needs to save capitalism from itself is as ludicrous as the Vietnam era need to "destroy a village to save it."

In a political debate ahead of the last US election, Hillary Clinton proved herself unworthy of office with the claim We have to 'save capitalism from itself'.

If someone cannot make certain investment opportunities because of rules and regulations, then the rules and regulations are what's in error, not capitalism.

Anyone who believes capitalism must be rescued from itself is a charlatan or a fool.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock