Drone Strike Shuts Half of Saudi Production

In case you are new to this story, here is the background: Drone Strikes Shut Down Half of Saudi Arabia Oil Production

Administration and Senatorial hawks are out in force.

As noted a bit ago, US War Hawk Nut Case Senator Graham Responds to Saudi Refinery Attack

Secretary of State Michael Pompeo is now in on the act.

No Evidence Drones Originated in Yemen

Another Rush to Judgment

Excuse me for asking, but where the heck is the evidence Iran did this?

I do not rule out Iranian involvement, even though it makes little sense.

Rather, I cannot stand another warmongering rush to judgement accusation with no evidence presented or even discussed.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

If Iran is Responsible for Saudi Attack, So What? US in Another Undeclared War

Assume Iran is responsible for the attack on Saudi Arabia. Was it justified?

Freight Shipments Sinking Globally, US Joins the Parade: Global Recession Starts

The economic outlook based on freight shipments is growing dim.Global expansion has peaked.

US War Hawk Nut Case Senator Graham Responds to Saudi Refinery Attack

Lindsey Graham suggests the U.S. should strike Iranian oil refineries in response an attack by Yemen on Saudi Arabia.

Migrants Rush Border in Tijuana, Teargas Deployed, Port of Entry Closed

As migrants rush the border in Tijuana, US agents fire teargas. Trump closes the port of entry and blames Democrats.

Trump Rally Bites the Dust: Pool of Greater Fools Dries Up

Stocks are getting clobbered again today. Don't blame trade wars, blame absurd valuations.

Another Month, Another Missed Tesla Goal

Tesla did not come close to its stated goal of 6,000 Model 3s per week in August. Actual production 4,300.

Saudi Oilfield Attack: By Yemen, Iraq, or Iran? Israel? Production Back Up When?

Despite growing pressure from hawks to attack Iran, huge questions go unanswered.

Tweets of the Day: Seattle Rush Hour Suddenly Vanishes

Due to the coronavirus threat workers in Seattle are staying home. American Airlines bonds are plunging.

Fake Meat Parade: Fake Chicken Coming to KFC

KFC is the latest chain to dip its toes into the fake meat parade.