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AOC Agrees With Trump's Request to Send $2,000 Free Money to Everyone

Trumps wants to send out blanket checks, not of $600 but $2,000.
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AOC Says Let's Do It

Trump Morphed Into a Mini Andrew Yang 

The political bedfellows have never been stranger.

Yesterday, Trump threatened to to Veto the bipartisan package. One of his reasons was the myriad of unrelated attachments. 

The other was Trump wanted to send out blanket checks, not of $600 but $2,000. 

AOC Hops on the Bandwagon

Free Money!

Free money for everyone. 

That's a populist idea that comes up several times every year. It was even a campaign issue.

Andrew Yang Chimes In

Please recall the presidential debates and Andrew Yang: This 43-year-old running for president in 2020 wants to give everyone $1,000 a month in free cash.

Freedom Dividend

Yang calls it a "Freedom Dividend". 

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Damn, that's a name Trump would have used if only he thought of it first.

Yang wants $1,000 a month. Trump wants a one-time $2,000 payout.

Other Trump Ideas

Yep, it's very disappointing we do not have a balanced budget amendment to stop this nonsense.

Well, we can always use tariffs to balance the budget.

How'd that idea work out?

What a Disgrace

Finally, please note: Trump Calls Covid Bill a Disgrace, Refuses to Sign It

When do Yang, AOC, and Trump get together to hash out the bipartisan details of the "Freedom Dividend"?

Surely there is a compromise here somewhere. The way Washington works, expect $2,000 a month for everyone.

But with AOC openly on board, Trump likely to sign the disgrace then lash out at everyone again.

Addendum: Who Agreed With Whom?