Inga Ting, Geoff Thompson and Alex McDonald provide and excellent set of graphics and information on the bursting of Australia's housing bubble at House of Cards.

Home prices in more than four out of five council areas have reached their peak and are sliding towards an unknown nadir, according to the latest figures from property market analyst CoreLogic.

As the slump moves into its second year with little or no prospect of rebound, the downturn in capital city property markets threatens to drag down the rest of the economy.

And with a mixed outlook for the global economy, doubts are surfacing about where Australia is going to find the fuel to extend its near-record run of 27 years of unbroken economic growth.

Yearly Change in Median Dwelling Value

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The graph in the article is interactive with a choice of eight cities. Sydey displayed above.

Major Declines Since 1980

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Click on the graph for an even larger image.


Perth and Darwin have been clobbered. Sydney is in the works.

Every Bubble is Different

I also like this Tweet in response.

I believe this person means 2019 not 2018

Party is Over

There is no way Australia avoids a recession. I don't care what the central bank does.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

Australia's Housing Bust Impacts Retail Sales, Recession Coming Up

Australia's housing bust now impacting retail sales. Except for food, retail spending has been negative for 3 months.

Housing Collapse Coming Right Up

Mortgage rates are high and rising. Refinancing opportunities are nonexistent; home affordability has collapsed.

Australia's Housing Bubble Finally Popped?

Australia's mining towns are getting crushed. Not even Sydney is immune.

Supply of Homes on Australia Market Soars Rapidly, Major Crash Coming

Australia's biggest housing markets are in trouble. Supply overwhelms buyers in most major markets. Price will follow.

US, Germany, Japan in Manufacturing Recessions: Full-Blown Recessions Coming Up

The US, Japan, Germany, and the Eurozone manufacturing PMIs are in contraction. Recessions will follow.

Housing Consistent With a Recession in 2020

Over the past year, 4 housing indicators have moved in ways consistent with patterns seen in 3 previous recessions.

Housing Wipe-Out: No Bids or Even Bidders at Numerous Australia Housing Auctions

The numbers of potential bidders in recent housing auction in Australia dropped to less than one. Most did not bid.

National Crane Index: Still Raining Cranes in Australia Despite Housing Bust

Australia's "crane index" hit a new record high. Expect a major home builder bust along with an accompanying recession.

Australia's Housing Market Over 4 Times Size of Economy, US is Under 2

Congratulations to Australia for having the biggest housing market relative to the size of its economy.