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Will video teleconferencing suffice?

Please consider Bank of America Testing ‘Completely Automated’ Branches.

Bank of America is testing “completely automated” branches, its latest push into self-service as CEO Brian Moynihan seeks to further lower costs at the Charlotte-based company, an executive said Tuesday.
Dean Athanasia, co-head of consumer banking, disclosed the new branches at a financial services forum in Florida, during a discussion on Bank of America’s efforts to cut expenses and improve efficiencies.
The bank is testing three such branches in Denver, Colo., and Minneapolis, spokeswoman Anne Pace told the Observer. Smaller than a traditional branch, they feature automated teller machines and video-conferencing technology so customers can talk to off-site bankers, Pace said. The branches are also staffed with an on-site banker in case customers need assistance, she said.
Bank of America is assessing how much time the branches, roughly a quarter the size of a typical branch, need to be staffed with an on-site banker or if a banker is needed at all, she said. “These centers offer our clients expanded access to our capabilities and expertise,” Pace said.
As a security measure, video-conferencing rooms will only be accessed with an ATM card or debit card from Bank of America or other banks, she added.

This is a big deal. I occasionally go into a local Harris/BMO bank. It typically has 3 people behind the counter and another 2-3 bank officers in offices.

In the above scenario, those 5-6 people get compressed to 1-2. And if they get rid of all the loan officers, the savings is even greater.

Such changes will not happen overnight, but they are coming.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock

Countrywide Bailed Out by Bank of America?

Forbes is reporting Bank of America Bails Out Countrywide.

Deutsche Bank Received Special Treatment by ECB in Stress Tests, Bank of England Complains

Under ECB stress test rules, bank asset sales must be booked (not just expected to close) to count. Numerous EU banks had asset sales pending but the ECB ignored its own rules in just one case: Deutsche Bank.

America First, Dollar Last Says Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank says Trump's America First policy puts the dollar last. BMO predicts a flattish dollar.

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The Bank of Japan is on a rampage buying everything in sight, from stocks to bonds. It’s on course to becoming the largest shareholder of 55 companies by the end of the year.

America First Coming Up?

Last week, in a rare bipartisan moment the Senate voted 82-14 confirming Robert Lighthizer as Trump’s U.S. Trade Representative.

Like Lemmings Over a Cliff: Fed to Test Negative Interest Rates

Low and negative rates have not done a damn thing for the Eurozone, Switzerland, Japan, or any other country that’s implemented them. Nonetheless, Fed lemmings want to Test How Banks Would Handle Negative Rates.

Are Banks Hoarding Cash? Debate Over “Free Money” Interest on Excess Reserves

In response to Free Money! Banks Paid $22 Billion to Not Lend? I received a comment from economist Professor George Selgin who said I do not know what I am talking about.

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David Folkerts-Landau, chief economist at Deutsche Bank, says “Europe is Seriously Ill”, and EU banks need a €150 billion bailout program.