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The Miami Marlins are Quarantined in Philadelphia casting doubts on the rest of the season.

After around a dozen Marlins players and two coaches tested positive for COVID-19, Major League Baseball is facing a major setback.

Marlins CEO Derek Jeter said in a statement: "We have conducted another round of testing for our players and staff, and our team will all remain in Philadelphia pending the results of those tests, which we expect later today. We will provide additional information as soon as it becomes available."

City of Philadelphia Response

Phillies Quarantined Too

Questions Arise

Marlin Schedule Postponed Through Sunday

Season Lost?

Dr. Anthony Fauci says Marlins' virus outbreak could endanger MLB season.

The Season is 60 Game 

The entire season is now just 60 games, down from 162. 

The Marlin Schedule shows they can play at most 53 games. Four games with the Nationals have been "postponed" as have three with the Orioles.

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The Nationals can play at most 56 games and the Orioles 57 (not counting the Philadelphia quarantine which will also cost at least one game for two teams). 

Lost Philly Games

Schedule Revisions

Supposedly they will try to make up these lost games. Color me highly doubtful.

That leads to the key question:

Why Bother?

The answer is team do have to recover as much as they can, but really, 53-60 games?

Fake First Pitch News From Trump

In other baseball news, Trump Announced, Then Canceled, a Yankees First Pitch

The president’s announcement that he would pitch at Yankee Stadium on Aug. 15 startled the team’s officials, who had not scheduled such an event.

“Randy Levine is a great friend of mine from the Yankees,” Mr. Trump, referring to the president of the baseball team, told reporters on Thursday as Dr. Fauci was preparing to take the mound. “And he asked me to throw out the first pitch, and I think I’m doing that on Aug. 15 at Yankee Stadium.”

There was one problem: Mr. Trump had not actually been invited on that day by the Yankees, according to one person with knowledge of Mr. Trump’s schedule.

But Mr. Trump had been so annoyed by Dr. Fauci’s turn in the limelight, an official familiar with his reaction said, that he had directed his aides to call Yankees officials and make good on a longtime standing offer from Mr. Levine to throw out an opening pitch. No date was ever finalized.