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It's rather difficult to figure out a what constitutes a majority when the number of seats keeps changing. A reader informed me that the Landtag, the Bavarian Parliament, had 192 seats.

DW said the total was 192 to 200 posting this chart (with my anecdotes on "complex calculations")

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CNN now says "The 18th Bavarian state parliament will now have a total of 205 seats."

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The CSU will hold 85 seats (compared to 101 seats won in the 2013 vote), the Greens 38 seats (compared to 18), Free Voters 27 (compared to 19), the SPD 22 (compared to 42), the AfD 22 and the FDP 11.

Mathematically, 85 seats vs 79 makes a difference in theoretical coalition math.

But CSU has excluded AfD and the Greens want more immigration.

SPD was humiliated in the election so one coalition choice stands out: CSU plus the Free Voters.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock