Realistically speaking, this is just a start of a bear market. Here are some more charts to ponder.

S&P 500 Nears Bear Market

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Dow Nears Bear Market

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Nasdaq 100 Index in Bear Market

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Russell 2000 in Bear Market

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Apple Bear Market

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Crude Bear Market

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Nothing Magic

There is nothing magic about 20% declines. It's simply the most widely used definition of a bear market.

Bear markets seldom stop at 20% then magically reverse.

Expect worse, much worse.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

S&P 500 Slips into Bear Territory on Worst Christmas Eve Trading Ever

The S&P 500 went into bear market territory today on the worst Christmas Eve trading session ever, percentage-wise.

Expect a Deal With China, Just Don't Expect Much From It

Trump says the trade talks with China are going well. And China will purchase soybeans again. Don't expect much more.

Ignore the Headline, Real GDP is Much Worse Than It Looks

The initial estimate of 4th-Quarter GDP was 2.1%, about where analysts expected. but the details are another matter.

Unprecedented Decline in Retail Sales and It Will Get Worse

A slew of economic reports came out today, all of them terrible. But the next set will be worse.

Housing Starts Plunge 22% and It Will Get Worse

Housing starts took a huge dive in March. April rates to be much worse.

S&P 500 Longest Bull Market Ever: Record-Breaking Bear Market Coming

As traders cheer the longest bull market in history, they ought to be wondering "what's next?"

Bear Tracks & CDOs

Bear tracks are all over the place. No, I am not talking about the stock market I am talking about Bear Stearns and CDOs.

How Much Recession Warning Did You Expect?

How often have you heard the stock market looks a year ahead of a recession?

Self Driving Reality: It's Here, In Snow, In Unexpected Conditions, Now

Waymo Celebrates 10 Million Miles of Self-Driving. Can you drive better than the video below?