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But I concluded “A strong turnout by liberal youth who do not know any better is Labour’s only possible salvation.”

Right now, that appears that’s what’s happening.

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Corbyn Next PM?!

Do tell: Why are we supposed to believe the bookies now?

Mike “Mish” Shedlock

UK Election: Resurgence of Tory Support in Final Polls

Survation posted a pair of back-to-back polls on June 2-3 that had the lead for Theresa May’s Tories (conservatives), down to 1% over Jeremy Corbyn’ Labour Party.

Checkmate! Corbyn's Please Make Me "Temporary PM" Scheme Fails Already

The Liberal Democrats and key Tories both rejected Corbyn's scheme to make him a caretaker PM to stop Brexit.

No CNN, Bernie Sanders Is Not in the Lead

CNN is discussing a Bernie surge. It's fiction.

Theresa May to Get Tory Ultimatum: Pick Your Resignation Date or We Will

The Tory leadership has finally had enough of Theresa May. She needs to pick a day to stand down, or Tories will.

BoJo's Odds of Being UK's Next PM Soar to 83% Following Massive 1st Round Ballot

Boris Johnson secures enough votes in the first round of the Tory leadership process to guarantee he is a finalist.

UK Parliament Cannot Stop a Determined PM From Delivering a No-Deal Brexit

A no-deal Brexit is an odds-on favorite. Despite threats of rebellion by some Tories, a determined PM can't be stopped.

Number Crunching the Polls Points to Big Tory Win

An average of the last six polls suggests a Tory majority of 46 according to Electoral Calculus.

Rise of the Isolationists: Austria’s Centrist Parties to be Knocked Out in Next Election

Recent polls in Austria show a huge surge in support for candidates on the far-right and far-left in the upcoming national election.

UK Polls Increasingly Favorable for Boris Johnson

Both the Tories and Labour are picking up votes. Who is winning in the exchange?