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One missing key quote is a statement Trump made bragging about having natural talent coupled with a proclamation that he could have been a scientist instead of president.

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And where are the tests? The ventilators?

Who at the CDC or in the administration insisted the US needs to develop its own test instead of using an accurate test the rest of the world was already using?

What about Trump increasing sanction pressure on Iran in the midst of the biggest global humanitarian crisis since world war II?

And what about Trump's rating his administration's handling of this as "excellent".

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

Trump's Best Tweet Ever

President Trump's tweets are often confusing, contradictory, unintelligible, bragging, or contain factual errors. Here's a Tweet I endorse 100%.

Ideology Getting in the Way of a Coronavirus Response

The Trump administration blocks states from using Medicaid to respond to coronavirus crisis.

Trump Says Coronavirus is a Hoax

President Trump made a fool out of himself proclaiming the Coronavirus is a Hoax.

War With the World: Trump Puts Tariffs on India, Considers Australia

Add India to the list of countries the US is n a trade war with. For now, Australia barely avoided Trump's wrath.

Swabs to Test for Coronavirus Running Out: Supplies From Italy Coming

Hospitals and doctors say they are critically low on swabs that are needed to test patients for the coronavirus.

Coronavirus Update and Tweets of the Day

As expected, an increased number of tests in the West led to an increased number of cases in the US and elsewhere.

Are We "Very, Very Ready for the Coronavirus, for Anything"?

In his address tonight on the coronavirus, President Trump says we are "Very, very ready for this, for anything."

Amazon Will Put UPS Out of Business

Amazon's new robot packs 600+ boxes per hour vs humans at under 200. With that announcement comes a $10K offer to quit.

Trump Hails "Single Greatest Agreement Ever Signed"

At the last possible moment, Trump made a deal with Canada. NAFTA is gone and USMCA is in.