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I am extremely anti-war.

I would have spit in General Westmorland's face if I had the chance.

Senator McCain is of the same ilk. So is Hillary Clinton.

I do not give a damn about their alleged "service" killing innocent lives.

Tonight the crocodile tears are flowing from the hypocrites.

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Really? What About This?

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Flame Lives On

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The flame surely does live on, but not in each one us. It lives on in the warmongers, the military vote-buying complex, and in the minds of fools who cannot see how counterproductive US foreign policy is.

In Praise of Fools

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Trudeau Praises McCain

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Two Peas in a Pod

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If ever two people were meant for each other, that was surely the couple, each as despicable as the other.

If you think McCain is a hero, you should be singing the praises of Hillary as well. He wanted Hillary, not Trump as president. They were two peas in one warmongering pod.

Mike "Mish" Shedock