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Biden Restarts Trump's Stay in Mexico Program Despite Calling it Dangerous and Inhumane

Biden did not have a sudden bout of sanity. Rather, the courts forced the issue. Here's a recap how we arrived at where we are today.
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Migrants Have Faced

Stay in Mexico Recap

Supreme Court Ruling 

Please consider the August 24 details of  Supreme Court denies Biden administration efforts to end 'Remain in Mexico' policy

The Justice Department asked the court late last week to delay reinstatement of the policy, known as “Remain in Mexico,” arguing in its brief that the policy had been dormant for more than a year and that abruptly reinstating it “would prejudice the United States’ relations with vital regional partners, severely disrupt its operations at the southern border, and threaten to create a diplomatic and humanitarian crisis.”

President Joe Biden suspended the policy on his first day in office. In addition, the Department of Homeland Security announced in June that it was permanently terminating the program.

Attorneys general in Missouri and Texas sued the Biden administration to reinstate the policy, claiming that the high number of asylum-seekers was burdening states without DHS’s being able to detain them. Texas and Missouri also argued that the Biden administration had not gone through proper administrative procedures in ending the policy.

The Biden administration appealed to the Supreme Court for an emergency stay of the order, but the court denied the stay Tuesday night because “the applicants have failed to show a likelihood of success” that they would win their claim to rescind the policy.

DHS said in a statement that it “will comply with the order in good faith.”

Remain in Mexico Reinstated

On August 25, 2021 NPR reported 'Remain In Mexico' Policy For Asylum-Seekers Is Reinstated By The Supreme Court

The Supreme Court told the Homeland Security Department that it may have to restart one of the signature programs of the Trump administration, one that Biden's people wanted to bury on Day 1. Trump wanted to keep migrants who were asking for asylum out of the U.S., reasoning that once they got here, they'd just stay. So in early 2019, he instituted what became known as Remain in Mexico. Nearly 70,000 asylum-seekers were told to wait across the border until their cases were decided. When Biden cancelled the program, Republican statehouses in Texas and Missouri sued, warning that they'd be overwhelmed with migrants. A Trump-appointed federal judge in Texas ruled earlier this month that Biden had illegally canceled the program arbitrarily and capriciously. Biden asked for an emergency stay from the Supreme Court. It refused with the three liberal justices dissenting.

Biden to Comply

On October 15, the Associated Press reported US Plans to Reinstate 'Remain in Mexico' Policy Next Month

The Biden administration said it plans to reinstate a Trump-era border policy next month to make asylum-seekers wait in Mexico for hearings in U.S. immigration court, complying with a judge's order.

The administration will rebuild tent courts in Texas border cities of Laredo and Brownsville at a monthly cost of $24.6 million to operate, according to the court filing, and is working to ensure there is capacity in a system that is backlogged with 1.4 million cases.

Broad outlines of the reinstated policy come as the Biden administration has yet to develop the “humane” asylum system that the president promised during his campaign after quickly dismantling many Trump policies. Illegal border crossings have soared under Biden's watch, with record numbers of unaccompanied children and, in September, the arrival of about 15,000 mostly Haitian migrants at a camp in Del Rio, Texas.

U.S. Reaches Deal to Restart ‘Remain in Mexico’ Program for Asylum Seekers

Today the WSJ reports U.S. Reaches Deal to Restart ‘Remain in Mexico’ Program for Asylum Seekers

The Biden administration has reached an agreement with Mexico to restart a controversial Trump-era immigration policy known as Remain in Mexico, officials said Thursday. It expects to begin sending migrants back to the country beginning on Monday while their asylum claims are considered.

The policy, formally called the Migrant Protection Protocols, was introduced by former President Donald Trump in 2019 at the height of a surge in Central American families coming to the U.S. border. After the policy was introduced, border crossings fell precipitously. But migrants sent back to Mexico faced a range of dangers, including assault, kidnapping and murder, according to reports from human-rights groups and internal reports produced by the Department of Homeland Security.

The Biden administration is restarting the program—which President Biden called “dangerous and inhumane” during the 2020 campaign—to comply with an order by a federal court in Texas that said its attempt to wind down the program was unlawful.

The Trump administration argued Remain in Mexico was necessary because it cut much of the incentive to migrate, as migrants making asylum claims wouldn’t be allowed to live and work in the U.S. while they wait for their cases to be resolved, a process that routinely took years.

Still, the administration is attempting to split the difference, reinstating the program even as it fights in court to terminate it. That dual approach reflects deep internal divisions throughout the administration on the direction of its immigration policy.

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Case Appears Settled

The WSJ noted Biden continues to fight "Stay in Mexico"  in courts. But what's there to fight?

The Supreme Court has already ruled 6-3 in favor of Stay in Mexico.

Trumpian Slant 

Trump was correct when he stated migrants who were asking for asylum would just stay here once they got here.

His big mistake was to split families leaving kids in the US and returning parents. 

Biden Proposes Paying Illegals Impacted by Trump's Zero-Tolerance Policy $450,000 Per Person

Recall my October 28 post Biden Proposes Paying Illegals Impacted by Trump's Zero-Tolerance Policy $450,000 Per Person

People crossed the border illegally and now we are negotiating a $450,000 per person settlement with them.

What the Hell?

Separating kids from their parents was absolutely wrong. But so was everything else including the illegal crossing.

The amount seems ridiculous and will no doubt encourage more illegal crossings.

This is yet another Biden "What the Hell?" moment and I am sure the public will not support the proposed amounts.

Might I suggest $25,000 and a green card?

$450,000 seems more appropriate for idiotic drone policy mistakes in which we kill the wrong persons and innocent kids.

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