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Disturbing Migrant Center Conditions

Put the Kids on Military Bases?!

Border Town Emergency

Convention Center Idea

“Internal CBP documents obtained by ABC News show there are now 3,889 migrants in the Donna facility that is meant to hold just 250. That means it is currently at 1,556% capacity.”

So much for social distancing.

Biden's Attempt to Conceal Conditions Collapses

Biden made such a mess of things there was a rare bipartisan attack from both the left and the right criticizing lack of press access to the border.

Biden refused to discuss the situation, repeatedly dodging reporters' questions until Leaked Images by a Texas Democrat forced the issue.

President Joe Biden’s administration has tried for weeks to keep the public from seeing images like those released Monday of immigrant children in U.S. custody at the border sleeping on mats under foil blankets, separated in groups by plastic partitions.

Administration officials have steadfastly refused to call the detention of more than 15,000 children in U.S. custody, or the conditions they’re living under, a crisis. But they have stymied most efforts by outsiders to decide for themselves.

Officials barred nonprofit lawyers who conduct oversight from entering a Border Patrol tent where thousands of children and teenagers are detained. And federal agencies have refused or ignored dozens of requests from the media for access to detention sites. Such access was granted several times by the administration of President Donald Trump, whose restrictive immigration approach Biden vowed to reverse.

The new president faces growing criticism for the apparent secrecy at the border, including from fellow Democrats.

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Wrong Approach

The administration is rushing to open more space to get roughly 5,000 children out of Border Patrol detention and into Health and Human Services facilities that are better suited for youth.

How the hell is that supposed to work? 

Joe Biden vs Angela Merkel

Biden is making the same mistake as German Chancellor Angela Merkel who said "We Can Do This" to the nonstop flood of migrants into the EU from Syria and Libya via Turkey and boats across the Mediterranean Sea.

Band-Aids Won't Work, Tourniquet Needed 

Those who make money bringing people across are selling rumors that the border is open. This would have happened whatever Biden’s policies were.

But the best way to counter the rumors is to refuse to let the alleged asylum seekers into the US. 

Biden’s policies of letting people into the US to apply for asylum have increased the incentive for unaccompanied children to enter the U.S. illegally.

As with the EU, this is another case where Band-Aids cannot possibly work. A tourniquet is needed to stop the flow. 

Unless and until the flow is cut off, we will run out of convention centers, military bases, and makeshift facilities.