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Biden's SOTU Address Will Focus on Clean Energy and Environmental Justice

There lots of speculation on Biden's State of the Union address. Let's tune into what the White House says.
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Image clip from White House Briefing Fact Sheet

Image clip from White House Briefing Fact Sheet

White House Fact Sheet

While president Biden is sure to mention Russia, Ukraine and food inflation the White House Briefing Room says President Biden to Highlight Clean Energy in his SOTU address later today.

In his first State of the Union address, the President will call on Congress to deliver on a legislative agenda for clean energy and climate action that has overwhelming support from the American people—Republicans, Democrats, and Independents.

Overwhelming support? Seriously? 

Biden cannot even get 50 Democrat Senators to agree.

For the first time, set an official target to reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions, economy-wide, by no later than 2050 and cut greenhouse gas pollution by more than half in 2030.

If implemented, the transition would dramatically increase demand for various metals and rare earth elements, driving up costs and inflation at the same time.

Not so, says the president who:

Announced major investments to secure a Made in America supply chain for critical minerals and sustainably source key inputs (including lithium and rare earth elements) for clean energy technologies like batteries, electric vehicles, wind turbines, and solar panels. This includes taking action to update outdated mining regulations and laws to ensure that extraction and production adheres to strong environmental, labor, and community and Tribal engagement standards.

Biden says we will do it here, while updating environmental standards, with union labor, and allegedly that will not result in price increases.

Here's his bold vision.

President Biden campaigned on a bold vision of tackling the climate crisis with the urgency that science demands by seizing the opportunity to build a strong domestic energy sector that can manufacture and deploy clean energy for the benefit of all Americans—with lower costs for families, good-paying jobs for workers, and healthier air and cleaner water for communities.

Since Day One, he has delivered.

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Delivered What? Fantasy Projections? Irresponsible Budget Proposals?

Biden is also slated to blame price gougers for excessive profits despite the fact the price of oil has gone up, the price of labor has gone up, and agricultural commodities are at the highest levels in a decade.

Biden even doubled Trump's tariffs on Canadian lumber driving up the price of houses.

US Lumber Futures courtesy of Nasdaq

US Lumber Futures courtesy of Nasdaq

 Is it any wonder Biden's approval rating has plunged?

Putting a spotlight on environmental justice will not help Democrats in the midterm elections. 

No matter how one feels about climate change, there is no way to do this without increasing inflation or creating energy shortages.

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