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Carney: Low-Income white voters in Pa. voted for Obama in 2008 and Trump in 2016 and your explanation is white supremacy? Interesting.

Human Molotov Cocktail

Message Heard Loud and Clear

Rand Paul ‘Big Repudiation of the Liberal Elite’

Floor Traders Shout Lock Her Up During Hillary’s Concession Speech

Did the US Elect a Monster?

Good News

Expert Comments

Cat Predicts Trump

Krugman Has Plenty to Talk About

Social Mood

Here is my comment on social mood.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock

Liberals, Not Trump, to Blame for Backlash

Here’s an interesting view in the Wall Street Journal that will ring a bell for many readers: Liberals Killed the Freedom of Movement.

Solar Eclipse is Big Business for Illinois

People from worldwide are converging on Southern Illinois on Monday to witness a total eclipse of the sun. I will be among that crowd.

Tweets and Videos of the Day: Facebook, Cash, Trump, Tesla, FANGs

Here's a collection of interesting Tweets and videos from Twitter.

Tweets of the Day

Here is a collection of interesting Tweets I gathered this morning a few minutes before a plane flight.

Decade of Negative Real Interest Rates: Who Benefited?

Rudy Havenstein Tweeted an interesting chart earlier today on real negative interest rates.

Seething Liberals; Media Hypocrisy; Hello Lady Gaga, Get a Grip on Reality

In the final Trump-Hillary debate, the media acted with shock and horror when Trump proposed he just might not accept the results of the election.

Tweets of the Day: Volatility, Mortgage Delinquencies, Iran, Debt

Here are some tweets, from people I follow, worth discussion consideration. Topics vary widely.

Big Pharma on Notice – About Time!

A move to open up competition in drugs wold have been one of the few things in Obamacare worth having. It was not to be as big pharma bought off Obama and Democratic senators to keep it from happening.

Excellent Set of Tweets on Bonds, Crashes, Cannabis, Lumber by Charlie Bilello

Normally when I do "Tweets of the Day" they are from different people. Here is a set of Tweets from Charlie Bilello.