Bond yields were already in steep decline today on ISM news. Trump goosed the market with additional tariffs on China.

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Fed Gets Unwanted Reaction

The Fed cut interest rates yesterday in hopes of steepening the yield curve. I noted Fed Gets Opposite Response It Wanted: Inversions Strengthen


Inversions continued to strengthen today on Manufacturing reports: ISM and Markit PMI On Verge of Contraction.

Even before Trump's tariff announcement, I commented that "I Expect Contraction Next Month." Click on the link for my reasons.

A global manufacturing recession has already started. Trump's unwise move increases the odds of an economic recession soon, assuming it has not already started.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

30-Year Bond Yield Just a Hair from Record Low, 2-10 Yield Spread Near Inversion

Bond yields resumed their post-FOMC crash today after a weak two-day respite. Inversions strengthened across the board.

Bond Yields Dive on Apple Warning, ISM Report

Yields took another dive lower today with the 1-year to 7-year inversion still intact.

Fed Gets Opposite Response It Wanted: Inversions Strengthen

Counting the FF Rate, the yield curve flattened quite a bit but inversions between 3-month and long end widened.

Historic Crash in Bond Yields and More Coming

Bonds yields crashed this week. The Fed made emergency inter-meeting cuts last week but that is just the start.

Bond Yields Crash and Gold Soars on Pandemic Threat

The 30-year long bond yield crashed to a record low, gold jumped, and equities hammered as fears of a pandemic mount.

Number of Yield Curve Inversion Points Rises as the Long-Bond Yield Dives

The US Treasury 5-year yield is now inverted with 3, 2, and even the 1-year treasury yield.

Global Manufacturing Recession Started: Trump's China Tariffs Made Matters Worse

A global manufacturing recession is now a certainty. Trump just made matters worse with a new 10% tariff hike on China.

Yield Curve Inversion Coming Up?

Several readers asked me to comment on the possibility of a yield curve inversion.

Flattening of the Yield Curve in Pictures; Is an Inversion Necessary to Signal a Recession?

Curve watchers Anonymous has an eye on the yield curve. Here is a snapshot of year-end-closing values from 1998-12-31 through 2015-12-31.