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The Last Gold Rush Ever!

Don't let the title (The Last Gold Rush Ever!) or subtitle (7 Reasons for the Runaway Gold Market and How You Can Profit from It) fool you.

The book is much more than about gold. It's about the end of the US dollar in its present iteration, no matter what replaces the dollar.

My favorite chapters, and Goyette's too, are "The Crossroads of History" and "The Empire's End", how empires always collapse due to military expansion.

The book is a historical deep dive into monetary systems, global empires, US hegemony, currency wars, trade wars, and real wars. 

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A Few Snips 

  • As Pat Buchanan critically observed in the heat of the Iraq war, in his book Day of Reckoning: “Between the alliance with France in the Revolutionary War in 1778 and the creation of NATO in 1949, the United States did not enter a formal alliance with any country. Yet we are now treaty-bound to defend 60 nations on five continents.”
  • Seventy-five years after World War II ended, there remain 194 US base sites in Germany and 121 in Japan. In South Korea, more than two generations after the war, there are 83 US bases.
  • The former US ambassador to Saudi Arabia Charles W. Freeman Jr. offered this perspective in 2016: “The United States has now been engaged in a cold war with Iran—Persia—for thirty-seven years. It has conducted various levels of hot war in Iraq for twenty-six years. It has been in combat in Afghanistan for fifteen years. Americans have bombed Somalia for fifteen, Libya for five, and Syria for one and a half years. One war has led to another. None has yielded any positive result and none shows any sign of doing so.” 

Goyette says, "Mark Twain was right. America cannot have an empire abroad and a republic at home. We are dangerously naïve about, and woefully ill-prepared for, the ending of their Global Military Empire."

Read the book. You will enjoy it and learn a thing or two. Here's a link to buy The Last Gold Rush Ever!