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The Brexit Party Continues to Surge in the polls for the European elections as Change UK fall behind Lib Dems.

  • Nigel Farage is continuing to smile after the latest polls for the EU elections continue to show the Brexit Party leading the way.
  • Despite only being launched last month, the Brexit Party quickly stormed to the top of the polls - and the latest set of figures show their support has only increased.
  • According to YouGov, Mr Farage’s party are now polling on 30% - an increase of 2% from the previous poll.

Rising Brexit Support

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Party Positions

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The above table represents the official party position. Most Tories (Conservative) do not favor Theresa May's pathetically negotiated withdrawal agreement.

Many in the Labour party favor remaining, a referendum, or even leaving.

Both the Tories and Labour splintered mightily over Brexit but Labour fared better, at least for now.

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Change UK is a group of pro-Remain misfits of former Tories and former Labour who left their parties in disputes over Brexit.

They have little in common other than a foolish desire to remain in the EU.

In the next UK general election, most of the Change UK supporters will be voted out of office.

Pro-Brexit Support

Support for pro-Brexit parties is seemingly overwhelming 68%.

Appearances deceive. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn favors a customs unions, an arrangement even worse than remaining.

Unless the EU makes a special deal, a customs union would limit the UK's ability to make trade treaties on it own, tie the UK to many inane EU policies, make the UK pay fees for single market access and give give the UK no say in EU policies.

It's crazy to back such a state of affairs, but that is the official Labour position.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock