EuroNews Reports Brexit talks on pause as Barnier confirms deal not yet reached.

Reuters reports Britain and EU pause Brexit talks until Wednesday summit.

Neither article said much of anything other than the key issue in play is Northern Ireland.

EU Leaders Line Up 'No-Deal' Emergency Brexit Summit for November

The Guardian reports EU Leaders Line Up 'No-Deal' Emergency Brexit Summit for November

EU leaders are preparing to hold an extraordinary “no deal” Brexit summit in November to deal with the potential consequences of the UK crashing out of the bloc should Theresa May fail to deliver decisive progress on the Irish border issue this week, the Guardian can reveal.

A special meeting of heads of state and government at which the EU had hoped to sign off on the Brexit negotiations next month may instead be turned into a emergency summit to discuss the bloc’s response to a cliff-edge Brexit.

The plan is likely to pile further pressure on the British prime minister by illustrating the EU’s seriousness about allowing the UK to crash out if the alternative were a deal that would undermine the integrity of the single market or prove unacceptable to the Republic of Ireland.

Theresa May straddles Every Red Line

The Financial Times reports Theresa May Straddles Her Red Lines in Search of Brexit Deal

Theresa May started her Brexit negotiation laying down clear red lines. She looks likely to be concluding a draft withdrawal agreement this week by straddling them all.


That paragraph pretty much sums it all. And if such a deal is reached, it could leave the UK in Brexit limbo indefinitely paying money to the EU while being subject to the European Court of Justice.

Does she have any red lines left?” asked one EU figure.

If a deal is reached, the FT commented: "governance arrangements will involve UK judges in practice applying ECJ rulings from Luxembourg for a decade or more, with regard to both the rights of EU citizens in Britain and the economy of Northern Ireland."

What kind of deal is that? And all the while the UK will pay money into EU coffers while getting nothing out of it.

Q: How will it resolve Northern Ireland?

A: It won't.

This kind of nonsense will continue for something like forever, if allowed.

And as long as Theresa May keeps bending over backwards on her alleged "red lines", the EU will keep taking advantage.

Wake Up Theresa!

The best deal is no deal. Otherwise, the UK will be in perpetual Limbo.

May needs to show the same resolve as the EU: Willingness to say to hell with it all.

Life will be better after Brexit following a short period of pain.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

EU Holds Emergency Meeting to Prepare for No-Deal Hard Brexit

After the EU rebuked Theresa May's Chequers proposal, the chance of a hard Brexit rose sharply. The EU is now preparing.

No Deal Brexit Odds Rise: UK Thoroughly Rebuked at EU Conference in Salzburg

UK Prime Minister Theresa May presented her "Chequers" Brexit Plan at an EU Summit. She was thoroughly rebuked.

Brexit Deal "Sufficient Progress" Made: Divorce Talk Round Two Begins

UK Prime Minister Theresa May caved in on enough things allowing the EU negotiators to proclaim "Sufficient Progress".

Brexit Legalities and Plans for No Deal

Plans are underway for no-deal by the EU and finally the UK. The former claims to be prepared.

Binary Choice: No Deal Brexit, Good Deal Brexit

Theresa May's binary choice strategy, her deal or Remain, failed spectacularly. There's a new binary choice option now.

EU Blinks Already: In the Face of No Deal Brexit, the EU Finds a Unicorn

In the face of increasing odds of a hard Brexit, solutions that Barnier told Theresa May cannot work, now magically do.

Non-Meaningful: UK's Surprisingly Close Vote to Reject No-Deal Brexit

I expected a vote to prohibit a no-deal Brexit would win by a landslide. It didn't, and no-deal is still the default.

Brexit Bidding War: Odds of "No Deal" and "Good Deal" are High and Rising

Johnson and Hunt keep repeating the things necessary for No Deal or a Good Deal. A "Bidding War" is underway.

No Brexit Deal, No Problem Says DUP: Ireland Will Ignore EU's Border Requirement

In case of no deal, Ireland has the right solution: It will simply ignore EU rules and regulations.