UK MPs overwhelmingly reject Theresa's May's deal with the EU.

Brexit Vote is In

432 No

202 Yes

May offers to entertain a vote of no confidence as soon as tomorrow if Labour seeks one.

Corbyn did just that.

Motion of No Confidence Filed

Tusk Urges EU to Cancel Brexit

Donald Tusk, president of the European Council urges UK to cancel Brexit. ​

118 Tories Vote Against Own Leader

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Biggest defeats in House of Commons

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What a humiliating defeat.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

Theresa May Delays Brexit Vote: "Meaningful", Clarity and Temporary Defined

UK Prime Minister Theresa May wants more time. She told Parliament they can have a vote on March 12.

Duty to Leave: No "Meaningful" Brexit Vote Tuesday, Just a Political Circus

The UK Parliament votes tomorrow on Theresa's May's Brexit deal. Expect a circus, not a meaningful vote.

Corbyn Tables No Confidence Motion After May Sets Brexit Vote Week of Jan 14

After saying he would not make a motion of no confidence, Corbyn changes his mind, says Brexit vote date is too far off.

Theresa May Survives Vote of No Confidence 325-306

Theresa May survived a motion of no confidence, as expected.

Trap Sprung: Theresa May Survives Vote of No Confidence, What's Next?

Theresa May survives a Tory leadership challenge by a vote of 200-117 but at a price. She will not run for PM again.

In Bed With Corbyn and Unfit to Lead: File a No Confidence Vote Now

Hello Tories, I have a suggestion: File a motion of no confidence against your own leader.

Another Weird Brexit Turn: Tories Vote to Support No Deal Bill in House of Lords

A big filibuster was in progress then suddenly it vanished. Tories voted for the Benn bill blocking No Deal.

Tory MPs Trigger a Vote of No Confidence: Did May Spring a Trap on Them?

At least 48 Tory MPs (15% minimum) filed letters of no confidence in Theresa May. A Tory-only secret ballot is next.

UK Motion of No Confidence: Tory Rebels Claim to Have the Required 48 Votes

It takes 48 MPs in May's party to trigger a motion of no confidence. Rebels claim to have that number.