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Vaccine Scorecard Per 100 Residents

  • Israel: 111
  • UK: 42
  • US: 35
  • EU: 12
  • Canada: 9

Some vaccines require 2 doses some 1. It will take over 100 doses per person unless they are all 1-dose vaccines.

The UK has a superior policy of attempting to get everyone their first shot as quickly as possible. 

I bet Canada soon overtakes the EU. Global News reports All Canadians could get 1 dose of COVID-19 vaccine by summer.

Canada has been lagging in its vaccination efforts, thanks in part to lingering production and delivery problems, but those bottlenecks are beginning to clear.

Health Canada says more than 8.5 million doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine are scheduled to arrive in Canada over the next eight weeks.

Europe’s Gang That Couldn’t Shot Straight

Please consider Europe’s Gang That Couldn’t Shot Straight

It’s hard to think of a recent fiasco that can match the European Union’s Covid vaccine rollout. Protectionism, mercantilism, bureaucratic ineptitude, lack of political accountability, crippling safety-ism—it’s all here. 


  1. Various European regulators and politicians spent this week claiming the Oxford/ AstraZeneca vaccine—the only one currently widely available in the EU—might be unsafe, only to rethink and now beg people to start accepting it.
  2. Younger teachers and university professors in Italy received jabs ahead of the ill and elderly under a scheme developed when officials claimed the shot wouldn’t work for the old.
  3. No one seems to be fully in charge of monitoring safety and efficacy. Nominally that’s the EMA’s job, and the agency handled it with typical eurocratic aplomb. 
  4. The EMA’s approval process is more bureaucratic, requiring input from all EU member states. Imagine if the FDA consulted all 50 states.
  5. EU capitals refused to follow the U.K. in granting emergency-use authorization, apparently for fear of hurting European solidarity.
  6. Brussels focused on haggling down the cost per dose. Europeans pay a few dollars less per dose but ended near the back of the shipment line.
  7. The EU response was a combination of threatened export curbs, noisy commercial disputes with pharma companies, and sour-grapes caviling about imaginary efficacy concerns.
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The article missed still more bureaucratic boondoggles that I covered previously.

CDU Meltdown in Germany as Merkel Destroyed the Party

I discussed Germany's Covid handling in CDU Meltdown in Germany as Merkel Destroyed the Party

Merkel was personally behind the decision to shift vaccination procurement to the European Commission, without even considering whether the Commission had the capability to do this effectively. When that failed, the German government declared self-tests to be the royal road out of lockdown. That sounded like a good idea, even to us. As it turned out, the German government has not even bought them yet, because they are still haggling over the price. The lockdown persists because the government failed to order the tests. 

Germany is trapped in small print. The lockdown will remain. The Merkel-friendly German media can't sugar-coat this any longer.

The above two paragraphs from Eurointelligence.

What about Brexit?

Many will point to a UK economic hit due to Brexit. But the EU suffered as well due to its desire to punish the UK for leaving.

Ultimately, trade disruptions are temporary as it is to the advantage of the EU countries to cooperate. That will happen as the current set of politicians sail off into the sunset.

The UK still has the EU as its major trading partner and there are plenty of rough edges, but escape from never-ending bureaucratic boondoggles as well as pressure to join the Euro is permanent

The Euro is fundamentally flawed as is the Maastricht treaty that requires unanimous consent to do much of anything.

The UK did well to leave.