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Out of Control

As wildfires blaze out of control the Extreme Heat has Turned California Into a Furnace.

With extreme heat roasting California on Monday, fire crews faced another difficult day battling a rash of new wildfires that have burned homes, cloaked cities and forced thousands of people to flee.

The fires, burning from near the Mexico border to the forests of the Sierra Nevada, spread a curtain of smoke over much of the state, as meteorologists warned residents from Los Angeles to the San Francisco Bay Area to expect another day of oppressive heat and dangerously foul air.

Chris Donnelly, the fire chief in nearby Huntington Lake, said that a former fire chief from Big Creek told him: “The town is gone.” Mr. Donnelly said it was difficult to get basic information about the progress of the fires.

“Cellphones are down, all the landlines are down,” Chief Donnelly said. “My assistant chief has to drive to the top of a ski lift in order to get a cell tower. It’s really hard to know what’s going on.”

7,000 Acre Blaze Started at Gender Reveal Party

A gender-reveal party is an event during pregnancy in which the expecting parents, family, and friends learn the sex of the baby. 

The El Dorado fire, which has burned 7,000 acres, was caused by a ‘smoke-generating pyrotechnic device’, fire department says. 

The stupidity of this event is obvious. 

El Dorado Fire

The fire is only 7% contained. 

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State of Emergency

Record High Temperatures

Critical Fire Conditions


Smoke Map

We can see and smell the smoke here in Southern Utah this morning.

New Risk of Blackouts

The Wall Street Journal reports California Faces New Risk of Blackouts This Week.

An extreme heat wave in the Southern half of the state sent temperatures in some areas above 120 degrees, forcing residents to shelter inside and crank their air-conditioning units, boosting electricity demand. As a result, the grid operator’s power-reserve margins wore thin at several points throughout the evening as solar generation began to decline.

California narrowly averted rolling blackouts Sunday night to relieve strain on its electric grid as parts of the state suffered record-breaking temperatures.

In addition to the heat threat, parts of the state may also face power outages throughout the week due to an expected windstorm. On Saturday, PG&E Corp., which serves 16 million people in Northern and Central California, said it may pre-emptively cut power to about 103,000 customers in 17 counties starting Monday to reduce the risk that its electric equipment could spark wildfires.