by Mish

The list of banned words is wider than you might think. Here are some examples: mankind, homosexual, housewife, manmade, and sportsmanship.

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And please, try to avoid words like “mother” and “father” unless you can say “mother and father” together. Yes, the article states that.

Gee, is there an order for this? Yes, there is. It better be random. Always saying mother first could get you in trouble. The article did not say but the phrase “ladies and gentlemen” clearly has to go

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According to the guide, Mrs. and Miss are considered offensive. Clearly, it’s best to avoid gender-identifying terms altogether.

What happens When these culturally-trained “snowflakes” hit the real world outside of their safe-space university?

Hmm. Am I allowed to use the word “snowflake” like that? Apologies offered for my unsportspersonslike conduct.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock

Simple Solution to Statue Dilemma: Ban Statues, Tear Them All Down

Activists are up in arms over statues. In the US, a statue of Robert E. Lee has to go.

Obama Denounces Inflammatory Words in Wake of Police Shootings; Sharpton vs. Sharpton

President Obama says social media and “round-the-clock news cycles” amplifies divisions. Obama urges everyone, regardless of a person’s race, political affiliation to “focus on words and actions that can unite this country rather than divide it.”

Trump Ban: Inept Policy or Purposeful Action? WW III?

The outrage against Trump’s 7-nation migration ban has been both swift and furious.

Homeland Security Ponders Laptop Ban On All Intl. Flights: Surefire Way to Stop Bombs on Planes

US Homeland Security chief John Kelly says terrorists are ‘obsessed’ with planes. As a result, Kelly says a Laptop Ban May Expand to All International Flights.

Moody’s Downgrades 3 Illinois Universities to Junk or Just Above Junk

The Illinois budget impasse has now spread to three universities struggling to pay bills.

Dow 20,000: Another Magazine Curse? Amusing Cover Flashbacks From Economist, Newsweek, Others

Barron’s is going wild over the Dow. The magazine says Get Ready for Dow 20,000.

Total Airplane Laptop Ban Coming or Not? What are the Issues?

Following intelligence reports that ISIS may be planning to attack airlines with laptop computers rigged as bombs, Trump initiated a ban on laptops on some flights from some airports.

Word of the Day "Strong": Just Not Strong Enough to Hike

The word of the day is "strong". The Fed used that word five times. The Fed's actual action was not strong.

University Professor Asks: How Accurate and at What Cost is BLS Data?

Here’s the interesting set of questions from the “Mish Mailbag” summarized as follows: How Accurate and at What Cost is BLS Data? Why isn’t there a private industry alternative?”