Covid Deaths Per Million 7-Day Average

Daily New Covid Deaths Per Million 2020-12-03

Positive Test Rate

Positive Test Rate 2020-12-02

The US also leads in positive test rate of tests. This suggests the true number of cases may be far higher than confirmed cases.


Daily Deaths 

Worldometers Global Covid Leaders 2020-12-03

The US had 2,718 deaths yesterday, 2,921 two days ago, and  over 10,000 in the previous four days.

Since deaths lag cases and Thanksgiving is not yet factored in, these numbers are highly likely to get worse.


Number of US Cases Tops 1,000: 10,000 On the Way

Coronavirus cases in the US topped 1,000 tonight, with 31 total deaths.

Massive 14,840 Coronavirus Case Jump in Single Day

Yesterday China reported fewer than 2,000 new cases. Today it's nearly 15,000.