Destruction for Miles and Miles

Mexico Beach

Search and Rescue Begins Amid Ruins of Florida Coast

Some people elected to ride the hurricane out.

That was not a good move. At least six are dead. More will come.


A Search and Rescue Effort Begins amid ruins of Florida Coast.

Search-and-rescue teams rushed on Thursday to reach communities that Hurricane Michael leveled, hoping to find survivors of the powerful storm after its rampage through the Florida Panhandle and beyond left buildings collapsed and splintered, hospitals damaged, roads and water systems compromised and more than a million homes and businesses without electricity.

Although it was clear by afternoon that the storm had caused widespread damage, some areas remained largely cut off, and the authorities were trying to deploy rescuers by helicopter and boat.

“This is a very dense part of the state, so it’s going to be a lot of work to get to everybody,” Gov. Rick Scott of Florida said. “But we will get to everybody.”

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Video of Destroyed Homes

Wow. So sad.

Mike "Mish"Shedlock

Hurricane Michael Strengthens to Cat 3, Heads for Florida Panhandle

Evacuations are underway as Hurricane Michael strengthened to category 3.

Michael Near Cat 5: "Florida Coastline Will Be Changed for Decades"

Hurricane Michael strengthened to Cat 4 and nears Cat 5. Strongest storm ever on the Panhandle.

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5.6 Million Asked to Evacuate, Largest Evacuation in History, Full-Scale Emergency in Keys

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