CDC Says Stay Home

The CDC issued a Strong Warning for Thanksgiving.

In one of its sharpest warnings to date, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention strongly urged Americans on Thursday not to travel for Thanksgiving, with an official saying the agency is “alarmed” by the recent exponential growth in the number of Covid-19 cases, as well as rising hospitalizations and deaths.

As the pandemic enters its 11th month in the U.S., many families are grappling with whether to meet up with friends or family for traditional celebrations. About 50 million Americans are expected to travel in the coming days, which is traditionally the busiest travel period of the year.

Daily Confirmed Deaths Per Million

Daily Confirmed Deaths Per Million 2020-11-19


Hospital Stays Reduced

The Wall Street Journal reports Hospitals Reduce Covid-19 Deaths, Lengths of Stay.

At the Mayo Clinic’s hospital in Rochester, Minn., coronavirus patients now stay a median of five days, half as long as in March. The time Covid-19 patients spend at Advocate Aurora Health’s 26 Midwestern hospitals has fallen 25% on average since May.

The results are consistent with anecdotal reports from doctors saying that new tools and a better understanding of how Covid-19 attacks the body are helping to improve medical outcomes.

Even so, surges again threaten to overwhelm hospitals, according to hospital executives and public health experts. Covid-19 patients flooding into hospitals have set national records each of the last nine days, reaching 79,410 Wednesday.

Many hospitals across the country are again scrambling to add more beds and cancelling nonessential surgery to make room for coronavirus patients. Staffing shortages are compounding the strain, limiting the number of patients hospitals can safely accept.

Patients ages 19 to 34, for example, accounted for more Covid-19 hospitalizations in September than in April, as the percentage of patients ages 55 to 64 and 85 and older declined, the Epic Health Research Network analysis found. Younger patients, who typically are at lower risk from the virus, spent less time in the hospital, the data show.

The data suggests younger people are more reckless where they go and what cautions like mask wearing they take. 

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