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Here is the Chatham House poll referenced by Farage: What Do Europeans Think About Muslim Immigration?

Chatham House Poll

In our survey, carried out before President Trump’s executive order was announced, respondents were given the following statement: ‘All further migration from mainly Muslim countries should be stopped’. They were then asked to what extent did they agree or disagree with this statement. Overall, across all 10 of the European countries an average of 55% agreed that all further migration from mainly Muslim countries should be stopped, 25% neither agreed nor disagreed and 20% disagreed.

Majorities in all but two of the ten states agreed, ranging from 71% in Poland, 65% in Austria, 53% in Germany and 51% in Italy to 47% in the United Kingdom and 41% in Spain. In no country did the percentage that disagreed surpass 32%.

To state things more precisely, 55% are against further immigration, 20% disagree, and 25% appear to have some reservations with the statement, most likely in reference to the word “all”.

Had Chatham worded the question slightly differently, it’s possible nearly all of those in the “neither” category may have agreed, and some of those in the “disagree” category may have switched.

Interestingly, Poland is most against migration. Once again, had the question been worded just a bit differently, I suspect Poland would have topped the 90% mark easily.

Socio-Demographic Difference

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Degree Holders and Millennials

Those with degrees and the millennials aged 18-29 stood apart from the rest.

Is this a case of the liberal elite plus the naive youth against everyone else? If so, isn’t that precisely what happened in Brexit?

Also take a good look France in the first chart. 61% want to stop all further immigration and only 16% disagree.

Let that sink in.

As I have stated before, mainstream media, the polls, and the liberal elite are seriously underestimating eurosceptic candidate Marine le Pen’s chances of winning the next French election.

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