On February 14, Jim Rickards predicted Bitcoin would plunge to $200 today. Let's compare his prediction to actual results.

Bitcoin Futures

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As of 6:00 PM central on April 17, I note that Bitcoin is at $7,895.

Whale Dumps

That huge red candle today is a result of Bitcoin Whales Dumping $100 Million of Digital Currency in 24 Hours.


Had Rickards predicted Bitcoin would drop $200 today instead of dropping to $200 he would have been accurate.

I am not a believer in Bitcoin, even though I am a believer in the technology. Regardless of what one believes, that was an idiotic prediction by Rickards.

I do not mind bad calls. I have a collection of them myself. However, I rather doubt Rickards believed his own call.

It was clickbait to get one to purchase some product. I cannot stand this kind of shill reporting.

In regards to Bitcoin, here's my take: Don't Hate Bitcoin, It's a Free Market Construct! But "Wishes Aren't Fishes"

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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