Mass Quarantine Camps and Wartime Conditions

Quarantines are in place by land and by sea. People cannot leave their homes but once in three days in at least 6 Chinese cities.

The death toll in China is at least 565 as the lockdown enters a third week.

10 More on Cruise Ship in Japan Test Positive

Close confinement on a cruise ship is not exactly where you want to be as 10 More Test Positive for the coronavirus.

About 3,700 people are facing at least two weeks quarantined on the cruise ship. "Experts are worried the virus could spread in such a congested and enclosed space," he said. "They have also advised passengers not to leave their rooms."

Taiwan has banned all international cruise ships from docking on the island effective from Thursday.

It earlier turned away the World Dream liner that is now docked in Hong Kong. Three passengers on board have shown symptoms of coronavirus.

Wartime Conditions

The city of Wuhan is in wartime conditions as officials Round Up the Infected for Mass Quarantine Camps.

Sun Chunlan, a vice premier tasked with leading the central government’s response to the outbreak, said city investigators should go to each home to check the temperatures of every resident and interview infected patients’ close contacts.

“Set up a 24-hour duty system. During these wartime conditions, there must be no deserters, or they will be nailed to the pillar of historical shame forever,” Ms. Sun said.

The city has set up makeshift shelters in a sports stadium, an exhibition center and a building complex. Some went into operation on Thursday.

When Ms. Sun inspected a shelter set up in Hongshan Stadium on Tuesday, she emphasized that anyone who should be admitted must be rounded up, according to a Chinese news outlet, Modern Express. “It must be cut off from the source!” she said of the virus. “You must keep a close eye! Don’t miss it!”

Rising Count of Americans Quarantined on Military Bases

Two more flights evacuating Americans from Wuhan, China, the center of the coronavirus outbreak, are scheduled to land in the United States this week.

The first carried 195 Americans out of Wuhan last week; they are quarantined on a military base in Riverside, Calif. Two more flights landed in the United States early on Wednesday morning, and the 348 passengers, mostly American citizens, will be held at Travis Air Force Base in Fairfield, Calif., and at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar in San Diego.

All of the passengers have been ordered to remain in quarantine for 14 days from the time they left Wuhan.

Bianco Update


Coronavirus Deaths Surge, No Containment In Sight

Yesterday, I commented Coronavirus Deaths Surge, No Containment In Sight

Nothing changed today.

Is this a Hospital or a Coronavirus Deathatorium?

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Also yesterday I asked Is this a Hospital or a Coronavirus Deathatorium?

Today, whatever you want to call these structures, people are being forced into them.

Report Your Temperatures Daily

Bloomberg reports China Doctor’s Fate Is Murky; Social Posts Deleted

There was confusion about the status of a Chinese doctor who had issued an early warning about the coronavirus, after social media posts by Chinese state media saying he had died were deleted and replaced by messages saying attempts were being made to save him.

The city of Wuhan told residents to begin reporting their body temperature daily, and the large port city of Tianjin said it would restrict residents’ movement, part of steps across the country to stop the coronavirus outbreak from spreading. In Beijing, the Chinese government voiced anger as countries placed more restrictions on travelers.

Dr. Li Wenliang aged 34, has died from the virus he alerted authorities to in December

Locked In, Literally

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China is forcing people into quarantine camps, restricting movement, locking people in their homes (literally), demanding daily temperatures updates from everyone, and now bitching about about travel restrictions of other countries.

This is truly a WTF state of affairs.

China is now in a state of panic.

​No official counts are believable.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock