Dear Kyle Bass

Chloroquine Poisoning

Please pay attention to this report by the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security regarding Chloroquine Poisoning

The drug chloroquine, currently being investigated as a potential treatment for COVID-19, resulted in multiple overdose deaths in Nigeria. In the short period after the drug was touted by US President Donald Trump, prices reportedly skyrocketed by more than 400% in some locations due to increased demand, despite a dearth of evidence indicating that it is effective against COVID-19.

Over the weekend, Nigeria reported several deaths due to “chloroquine poisoning." In response, Lagos State Health Commissioner Akin Abayoi published a video via the Lagos State Ministry of Health Twitter account warning against the unlicensed use of chloroquine and emphasizing that it has yet to demonstrate efficacy against COVID-19, and Nigeria’s Minister of Health Osagie Ehanire echoed the need for additional data in a statement posted on the Nigeria Ministry of Health website.

I believe we need a review of the definition of "Works"

Mike "Mish" Shedlock