Many of you know Chris Martenson from his economic website, Peak Prosperity.

But even those who do know him, may not be aware that his background includes a PhD in pathology.

In addition to understanding economic markets, Chris also knows quite a bit about the coronavirus. And what he knows is quite scary.

Coronavirus Is Worse Than You've Been Told

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Chris happens to be a friend of mine. We have made presentations, individually and on panels at the same economic conferences. I know him well.

And one of the things I know and like best about Chris is that he does not spread hype, promote nonsense, or talk about things he does not understand.

We discussed the coronavirus on Wednesday in a Peak Prosperity podcast. The above video supersedes that.

Coronavirus Pandemic Event Now A Serious Risk

Chris issued this alert on Thursday: Coronavirus Pandemic Event Now A Serious Risk

An ALERT is only issued when events cause me to take personal actions. I am preparing for the possibility of a global pandemic that will arrive in my own country. You should, too. This is the sort of on-the-spot analysis and reporting that we routinely offer to our subscribers but, due to the nature of this threat, we are making it public.

Chris notes that according to DNA genetic analysis, this virus may have spread from bats, then to snakes, and now to humans.

Nightmare Begins

My personal nightmare is being played out in those quarantined Chinese cities. Locked in with possibly contaminated people whom I have to battle and engage with for rapidly dwindling resources. Already, within hours, reports of scuffles for food have been reported.

The chance of that happening in your country may yet be small (for now), but it’s well above zero. So, don’t screw around with this one.


This is the most serious pandemic-worthy risk we’ve come across since SARS.

WHO Phase and Pandemic Descriptions

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The above from WHO Pandemic Phase Descriptions

If Chris takes this seriously, so do I, and so should you.

Chris has much more information on his site. Here's the link again: Coronavirus Pandemic Event Now A Serious Risk

Understanding the Risk

Risk is just that. It does not mean anything is certain to happen.

Much depends on what is unknowable. For example, how many people in the US are carriers. It also depends on flight cancellations.

We can say the WHO and CDC are way behind the curve. We can also say that screening at O'Hare is almost useless given the 11-day to two week or possibly longer incubation period.

The Less We Know

To the above, I suggest that the less we know the more cautious we should actually be. But meanwhile, no one wants to cancel air traffic until they know it's already too late and they should have done so already.

Should Trump Ban all Inbound Flights From China?

I ask again Should Trump Ban all Inbound Flights From China?

If you voted no or did not know before, did Martenson's video change your mind?

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