by Mish

The letter is a hoot and so is the response from reader Craig.

Email From Craig

The following letter to the editor appeared in the Arizona Daily Star, which is Tucson’s major newspaper and is known as the Red Star, because of its left-wing bent.
As climate change is becoming more threatening, sooner or later refugees will be on the move. All cities, including Tucson, will need to prepare. Some issues need to be settled. Will refugees who are armed be admitted? What types of housing will be available? Will residents be asked to take in refugees? Will funds be available for food, clothing, and lodging? Let’s not wait until this movement is upon us! Set policies and prepare now, Tucson, or we will be sorry!
Memo to Grace
Yes, Grace. If the world begins to broil, people will move to the Sonoran desert instead of Minnesota. By the way, Grace, have you noticed that economic refugees from Mexico have already moved en masse to Tucson? Many are now armed gang members who prey on their fellow Mexicans, which explains why almost every ramshackle home in central and south Tucson has security bars on doors and windows. That’s one reason why my new home is in the far northeastern part of the Tucson metro area, outside of the city limits. My wife and I were admitted in spite of owning guns.


What a hoot.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock

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