Clock Just Ran Out on $600 in Weekly Unemployment Benefits


Senate Republicans let the clock run out on $600 of weekly Covid unemployment benefits.

Clock Ran Out

Q: What were Republicans doing? 

A: Discussing alligator sausage and Louisiana, not a Covid package.

This story sounds like it is straight from The Onion, but it isn't.

Race Against the Clock 

Please consider the Bloomberg article McConnell’s Stimulus Waiting Game Turns Into Race Against Clock

It’s a time crunch of their own making. Republicans and Trump squabbled all week over the details of the plan, forcing McConnell to delay the release of the GOP proposal until Monday. That gives Congress almost no time to avoid a lapse in the unemployment aid.

The expiration is now less of an inducement to get Democrats to the negotiating table than a potential albatross they will try to drape around the necks of endangered Senate Republicans.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin touted a “fundamental agreement” among Republicans on a package of spending and tax cuts, and some Republican senators said they were expecting to see bills released as soon as Thursday. When it was clear that wasn’t going to happen, they waited for details at lunch.

Instead, they got alligator sausages courtesy of Louisiana Senator John Kennedy and little more.

We talked about Louisiana and alligators,” South Dakota Republican Senator Mike Rounds said. “Honestly. We say, ‘Mitch what do you got?’ And he said, ‘We’re working on it. Not much to report yet, but we’re working on it.’”

Ron Johnson, a Wisconsin Republican who opposes the stimulus plan, said after the lunch that “We just found out that we weren’t going to find anything out.” Senators left Washington for the weekend with no bill text and plenty of details still to iron out.

The Clock Won

The Bloomberg article is wrong about one key thing. The clock is not about to run out. Rather, it just did. 

On July 23, I commented Over 30 Million People About to Lose $600 in Unemployment Benefits

"About to lose" is now "Just lost".

Calendar Quirk

The last full week in July ends Saturday July 25 for most state UI programs. And that is when the benefits expire, not July 31.

Rubio proposes taking up the lapse in insurance "by the first week in August."

That would be too late.

Blame Game

The Senate can and likely will backdate a new unemployment package, but states will have to make a lot of programming changes to make that happen. 

This will cause delays which Democrats will blame on Republicans.

And if the Republicans put in a means test as expected, that will cause even more delays.

Democrats already have plenty to blame on Senate Republicans. This package expiring is guaranteed to hurt Trump and marginal Senate Republicans.

Democrats Favored to Win the Senate

Earlier today I commented, Democrats Favored to Win the Senate.

This story will not help the Republican cause. Please click on the above link for details.

Trump Will Lose to Biden

For analysis of why Trump will lose to Biden, please see Only 13 Percent of Voters are Still Undecided

Republican bickering over alligators can easily turn things into a Democrat tidal wave.


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I own more than $350,000 worth of physical gold and silver.
I would LOVE to see the Demonrats "run the table" in November.
But I would feel sad for the rest of the country.

Russell J
Russell J

They're gonna run this country into the ground to try and get rid of Trump and then after the election "discover" a way to get the country back to work and kids back in school.


When I grew up, I realized the the advancing of the clock and calendar was inevitable and inescapable.

Apparently that is not true for everyone.

It is ironic that the GOP has devolved into the party of magical thinking of pre-teens.




So looks like the Republicans are going ahead with their proposal of 70% wage replacement.


The Republicons are right,that cash was wasted on all those broke ass peasants, they have food lines and shelters for them,send the cash to the truly needy like Raytheon or Lockheed, who in there right mind would say no to a new attack sub or cruise missile!


Sorry, very naive question here, but should the $600 supplemental insurance been extended? I'm sure if I were one of the unlucky to have become unemployed, I would say "YES!", but I hear stories of people making more on UI than from their previous job.


Seems like a bash Trump site. Does this site ever say anything good about Trump? Back room deals to get rid of Trump while pushing this fake Virusss, and death count due the paying off incentives for doctors, and hospitals. Trump is waiting for the right time. He knows the truth about this media blitz fraud.

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