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Cocked and Loaded

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No Hurry to Confront Iran

The Wall Street Journal reports Trump Says He’s ‘In No Hurry’ to Confront Iran

“We were cocked & loaded to retaliate last night on 3 different sights when I asked, how many will die,” Mr. Trump wrote on Twitter. “150 people, sir, was the answer from a General.”

Iran said Friday it had warned the U.S. spy drone to turn around before shooting it down, and that another spy plane with around 35 crew members was flying near the drone, but Iran chose not to target it.

The downing of the drone Thursday came after Iran said the drone had flown into Iranian airspace with transponders turned off. The commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps Aerospace Force, Brig. Gen. Amir Ali Hajizadeh, said Iran warned the drone four times, and that the drone would have transmitted the warnings to its “central stations.”

Drone Debris

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The incident has set off a scramble to retrieve the parts of the $130 million spy plane. Iran also unveiled Friday what it said was debris from the downed drone collected off the shore of Kuh Mobarak in Iran. “This is in fact evidence of the U.S. air invasion of our territorial waters,” said Mr. Hajizadeh, adding that the parts had been sent to Tehran.

Location Dispute

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Specific Claim

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The Iranian Claim is very specific.

Reasons to Lie

Both sides have strong reasons to lie but specific claims sound more convincing.

Regardless, imagine an Iranian or Russian drone flying 25 miles from New York City.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock