According to a Columbia University PowerPoint presentation Trusting Students to Assess Themselves, inclusive grading starts by “trusting students to assess themselves.”

I picked that link up from Columbia University Seminar to Promote ‘Inclusive Grading’.

Rationale for Self-Grading

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Teachers don't know how to grade or don't want to take the time.

Honor Code

Not to worry. Columbia university will ask students to sign a pledge card so they won't cheat. That's sure to fix everything.​

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86% of Students Like It

"It was nice to know your grade right away and not torture yourself over a bad exam for a whole weekend.”

Start by Trusting Students


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Yes, Let's Trust Student Evaluations Except ....

Two days ago I noted The University of California, Berkeley is very unhappy with how students grade teachers.

Students Say They Prefer White Male Professors: We Cannot Allow That, Can We?

A Berkeley professor wants to nix student evaluations of teachers because students are biased.

"I Know the Students are Biased"

There you have it. Let's not ask students to rank teachers because "I, Brian DeLay, know the students will get it wrong."

It is the height of arrogance for DeLay to tell students that he knows they are biased and wrong.

Ironically, we are supposed to believe students will display bias when grading teachers but the students will have absolutely no bias when grading themselves.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

Students Say They Prefer White Male Professors: We Cannot Allow That, Can We?

The University of California, Berkeley lets students evaluate professors. The University does not like the results.

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