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The following video is a solicitation for a crowdfunding operation. Some readers may not be interested because of that aspect, although most readers would like an answer.

If the stated funding goal is not met, no money is collected. The biggest risk is Bleker and Schad fail, not that they take whatever is collected and walk away.

Commodity Shadows Game

Here are the rules and the background behind the Commodity Shadows Game.

"Manipulations of the commodity markets are not just about rich people losing money. Some manipulations hurt or kill the poorest of the poor. After our first documentary EUPOLY, we want to illuminate the dark spots in the commodity markets.

To cover the costs of the project we want to ask the community for support. Let’s make this documentary happen.


  1. Back the Project: Kickstarter is all or nothing – if we don’t make our goal, we get nothing.
  2. Spread the project: Even if you can’t donate, sharing the link with your family and friends does a world of difference in getting more people to contribute.


Risks and challenges

The biggest challenge for our film as in most documentary films is funding to complete and keep our momentum going. To meet the people for interviews we have to travel different countries. Kickstarter is an all or nothing platform, so we have to reach the goal we set. Because it is the second documentary project we know what we need to fund."

Kickstarter Rules

I checked the Kickstarter rules. If the required amount is not raised, the project is canceled and no money is collected.

"Why is funding all-or-nothing?

All-or-nothing funding is a core part of Kickstarter and has a number of advantages:
It’s less risk for everyone. If a project doesn’t reach its funding goal, creators will not be expected to complete their project without the funds necessary to do so, and backers will not be charged.

It motivates. Adding a sense of urgency motivates your community to spread the word and rally behind your project.

It works. Of the projects that have reached 60% of their funding goal, 98% were successfully funded. We find that projects either realize and surpass their goal, or they never fully take off.

We all wish Jens Blecker and Thomas Schad best of luck with their endeavor.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock

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